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Understanding Eating Disorders:

Prevention, Detection and Support

This training aims to give you a breadth of knowledge of these serious mental illnesses which affect 1.6 million people in the UK.

This course is relevant for those working in Counselling, Psychotherapy, Mental Health and Social care. All eating problems are significant and can only be understood as an expression of underlying issues and difficulties. They contain a message that goes beyond the limits of the behaviour itself. Eating is never a mere physical function: it contains and carries much more than is evident on the surface. As professionals, if we ignore the meaning of the eating pattern, we miss the essential symbolism of the problem.

Course Content:

Sport & Eating Disorders:

Understanding & Managing the Risks

There is strong and consistent evidence that eating disorders are prevalent in sport and especially in weight sensitive sports such as endurance, weight category and aesthetic sports as well as jumping events. These illnesses are not only common but lead to significant physical and psychological morbidity and impaired performances.

Sports organisations, and by extension the professionals whose job it is to help and support athletes, have important roles in dealing with these conditions. Preventative practices can be adopted if there is an understanding of how the sports environment contributes to the development of eating disorders. As an ex GB athlete who has achieved recovery from an eating disorder and a Mental Health Practitioner I believe I am well qualified to offer advice to coaches, parents, and other athletes with eating disorders.

Owing to the multifactorial aetiology of the Female Athlete Triad an optimal treatment approach must address the underlying cause, identify how low energy availability developed in the athlete, and involve a specialist professional team including one or more of the following: Sports Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Sports Physician, and Mental Health Practitioner.

This course is relevant for coaches, parents, athletes and anyone working in the sporting arena.

Course Content:

To print this information about the two training workshops click the PDF download below.  Filename: outram_training_workshops.pdfoutram_training_workshops.pdfPDF DOWNLOADFor more information about the Understanding Eating Disorders workshop click the PDF download below.UED Presentation Flyer.pdf