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Client Testimonial

"Before my first counselling session with you I had reservations about how relaxed it would be.  I was expecting the lie-down chair and austere surroundings which you often see on television and in films.  The reality was better than I could have imagined.  Your welcoming smile and cup of tea immediately set the appropriate atmosphere in which I could talk freely and where I believed my thoughts would be heard in a compassionate manner, rather than in a detached and cold one.

Each session I was allowed to discuss thoughts and issues which had risen to the surface during that week.  The absence of a rigid structure during each session meant that I could unload my conscience of its unhelpful thoughts and insecurities.  Because of this you quickly realised that the orthorexia which I came to you with was a symptom of an overarching anxiety.  Your observations and responses to what I was saying helped me to see for myself where my thoughts came from and why they were continuing to affect me.  The tree analogy in which my relationship with food was just a branch of the anxiety which formed the root is one which put my difficulties in perspective.

You were never short of suggestions for resources which I could turn to should I want answers at any time when we were not meeting.  I did end up purchasing ‘Games People Play’ by Eric Berne which though I have not read yet, is always there should I need it.  Pointing out literature like this as well as the Myers Briggs personality test is crucial because it helped me to recognise that my thoughts and problems did not make me abnormal.  It showed that I was not the only one who has struggled with food and in understanding what their personality is.  One of the worries I had at the start was that I was simply a bit ‘weird’ compared to everyone else.

Patience is a virtue you have in abundance and it was certainly needed!  There were many moments where I found that I was having a conversation with myself, unthreading the mental knots I had got myself in.  I was able to do this because of you and even encouraged to do so.  Finding answers to my own questions empowered me and gave me a greater sense of my own self-worth which is always important for those like me who at times struggle with their self-esteem.

All in all a great experience and I will definitely recommend you should anyone ask for counselling."

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